Flexsecure 1.5mm Cable Seal

Flexsecure 1.5mm Cable Seal

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The Flexsecure FS15 is a 1.5mm anodised aluminium bodied cable security seal.

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Flexsecure 1.5mm Cable Seal

The FlexSecure FS 15 is a 1.5 mm (1/16″) anodised aluminium bodied cable seal. FS15 is regularly used in bulk food and chemical shipments over the road.

  • High Value Shipments
  • Trailer Door Latches
  • Bulk Tankers
  • Motorsport Engines
  • Valves and Meters
  • Rail cars
Product Features
  1. Tamper-evident cable separates into individual strands when cut and cannot be resealed
  2. Provides added durability over plastic bodied seals but maintains the colour identification
  3. Provides a versatile method of identification
  4. Available in a variety of colours
  5. Can be customised by laser printing a name,logo,consecutive numbers and bar code
  6. Patent Pending

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 42 × 24 × 18.5 cm
Standard Stock Colours

Black, Blue, Red


Aircraft Steel

Download Datasheet / Certificates

Download FS15 Datasheet


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